Yes. Anyone can be charged with DWAI-Drugs even if prescribed by your doctor.

For DWAI-Drug purposes, a drug that can cause impairment is defined under the Public Health Laws Section 3306. Illegal drugs such as Meth, Cocaine, and similar drugs are found under that section. Also, drugs such as Ambien (zolpidem), Zoloft, hydrocodone and other similar drugs prescribed by a doctor in that section.

Typically, a person would be involved in a traffic accident and the cop doesn’t smell an alcoholic beverage. But when a person is acting impaired usually leads to a DWAI-Drugs arrest. It’s important to know that if you get arrested for DWAI-Drugs and on prescribed medication you should contact an attorney with DWAI-Drug defense experience since there are defenses that can be used to challenge the DWAI-Drug arrest.

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