The Portable Breath Test or PBT is a machine that is used in the field to test for the presence of alcohol.

Simply put, if the cop can smell the odor of a consumed alcohol beverage, the machine will register a positive reading on the PBT. This machine is also called the ALCOSENSOR. The statute calls it a breath screen test. This is completely different than the Breath Test or Chemical Test you take at the police station.

Usually, after you do the field sobriety tests the officer asks you to blow into the PBT. Typically you are arrested after you blow into that machine. If you refuse to blow into the machine you will receive a traffic citation for the refusal. The ticket is for refusing of breath screening test in violation of section 1194(1)(b). You can receive a fine of up to $150 plus a surcharge of up to $93. This DOES NOT carry with it any driver license suspension or points on your license.

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